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5 ways the pandemic affected fashion industry

Fashion has an amazing ability to adapt to any situation. The last year, along with the coronavirus pandemic, posed huge challenges for the industry and independent clothing designers. Even so, the fashion does not stop, and instead is dynamically changing to meet new realities. So, how exactly the pandemic affected the industry?  

5 New designer brands to fall in love with!

The high number of new contemporary clothing brands that appear on the market can be overwhelming. At the same time, it brings plenty of opportunities to get to know the profiles of amazing new designers. From among the multitude of them, we have selected five independent clothing designers that we...

5 Unique emerging designer brands that will fascinate you!

In the fashion world, sometimes we think that we saw it all and that nothing could surprise us. Then emerging independent designers come to the rescue with their heads full of creative, innovative, and unique ideas! Here is a list of 5 fashion brands that know how to get attention...

Prepare your summer wardrobe with these 7 conscious emerging independent brands

The rays of the spring sun arouse more and more excitement while waiting for the summer. We are all waiting to switch for lightweight, flowy fabrics and swimwear. Right now, it is the best time to review a wardrobe and improve it with some fantastic proposals by independent designers. 

5 emerging jewellery designer brands that will help you make a statement!

Every form of self-expression in fashion is priceless. Independent jewellery designers perfectly know it. Their projects cherish individuality and uniqueness with bold, eye-catching pieces. An addition of statement jewellery gives a touch of character to any outfit. These 5 brands will help you express yourself!

A_C Official a brand that honours the planet while creating sustainable handbags.

Discover A_C Official, an Australian independent designer brand focused in creating luxury ethical handbags

Dyandra Raye of Jo-Anne Vernay Interview

Unique, colorful and fruity. Made in Italy but made from fruit, Jo-Anne Vernay is a sustainable luxury footwear brand with an innovative fabric, pineapple as the durable surface protecting your feet.

The Clothing Lounge Designer Interview with Ardelle: A Woman of Quality

Ardelle speaks to a place that is entirely comfortable and beautifully unique. Founded by Ardelle Fawehinmi, this new sustainable brand prioritises passion over popularity, while making a safe space for the individuality of every wearer. Mixing the subtleness of interior design with the beauty of African heritage, Ardelle’s creative vision...

Where The Wild Things Are: Designer interview with Roberta London

One of the most joyous things about fashion is that it demonstrates the beauty and the power of expression. And the connections and ties it builds in our lives. This is especially true with brands like Roberta London. 

Alenkie: An Argentinan Eco-Warrior Brand

Focused in making the world a better place by benefitting both people and planet, Alenkie creates unique garments made from recycled ocean bottles as well as fishing nets. Therefore, the brand truly is a sustainable force for change, using 100% organic fabrics and recycled materials all the while creating clothes...

An Introduction to the Best Brands to Bring Into the New Year

There are many great ways to make a statement. And power dressing is undoubtedly one of the best ways to do so. Sinclair London stands out for many reasons, and it isn’t just because of their expertly crafted tailored suits.   Alicya Sinclair has made history as the first Saville...

A Family Affair: An Interview with the Designer’s Behind Curse

The name Curse is an oxymoron for the aesthetic of this brand; which can only be described as a fairy-tale meeting between 1970s pop culture and the best of Edwardian high fashion.

Carolina Wong: A creator of wearable art

Carolina Wong values the art of uniting traditional crafts and creativity. The majority of the production process is handmade, and all metal parts of her jewellery collection are made form up-cycled materials such as regenerated brass and gold, therefore, the brand values empowering its customers through conscious creation.

CRU LE: The Perfect Capsule Collection

Eco-conscious designer, Letizia Cruciani, designs sophisticated clothes exclusively made in Italy.  Created with minimalism and sustainability in mind, CRU LE provides a classic yet contemporary capsule wardrobe for the sophisticated woman. 

Moda de la Maria: An Interview With Designer Maria Ruseva

Moda de la Maria makes modern classics. Designer Maria Ruseva is an expert at giving timeless styles a modern twist with tailored silhouettes and colourful finishes. 

Supernormal: The Down To Earth Eyewear Brand

Goda Narijauskaite’s eyewear brand is anything but normal – made from hypoallergenic biodegradable plastic, her glasses are comfortable, adjustable and durable, with a distinctive designer’s touch on the temples.