An Introduction to the Best Brands to Bring Into the New Year

There are many great ways to make a statement. And power dressing is undoubtedly one of the best ways to do so. Sinclair London stands out for many reasons, and it isn’t just because of their expertly crafted tailored suits.


Alicya Sinclair has made history as the first Saville Row trained female to launch a woman’s only tailoring company. Due to her world renowned tailoring skills, which were perfected while she worked alongside the likes of Jacquie Hambleton and Ozwald Boateng, Sinclair has amassed a clientele spanning the business and film industries. The extremely versatile styles can be adapted for any occasion, from smart causal wear to dressy events, and the made to order system makes the entire process luxurious, personal and individual. Each suit is as unique as the wearer.

Title- The Gifts of Nature from Rebecca J Mills Designs 

The best season for gift giving is undoubtedly the holidays. But before there’ll be time to blink, another birthday will have rolled around. Whether they be friend, relative or colleague there’s no one who won’t appreciate a gift from Rebecca J Mills.


Stocking items from luxury home décor to fashion and gifts, and contemporary print design there is something for everyone to love. The wildlife inspired prints are eclectic enough to suit quirkier tastes, while the plants and nature prints are neutral enough to bring a pop of colour and zest to a simple outfit. The individuality of every product truly shines through, and nature lovers can shop confidently knowing that all items are produced sustainably in the UK or EU. Much like our beloved planet, Rebecca J Mills designs are the gift that keeps on giving.

Title- How Sample cm is Championing Sportswear

It should come as no surprise that the reigning fashion trend this year has been athletic and loungewear. Casual-chic has been the people’s choice for 2020. But how to stand out amongst the influx of athletic related clothing? By creating looks designed for action. This is where Sample cm leads the way. An entirely new interpretation of activewear.


With an emphasis on art and sport, Sample Cm leaves other brands trailing behind the finish line. Founded by Margot Charbonnier in 2015, all of their Grand-Bassin kits are made exclusively in Berlin. This is a brand that puts the skill back into streetwear; so no matter what the challenge is, the outcome is always a win.


Title- Sac Bags: Leather Connoisseurs 

How to tie an outfit together. The number one question all stylists must ask themselves. The ability to style not only oneself but another person is quite rightly considered an art. And Sac Bags are well equipped to help answer that question; with accessories that literally wrap and ‘tie’ to complete a look.


The design and quality of their leather belts and bags add a sense of expert tailoring and intention to what could be casual or dressy looks. Sac’s sharp and clean collection is true to its word by being a smart answer to stand out accessories, while the leather is handcrafted to ensure high quality and minimum waste.