Carolina Wong: A creator of wearable art

London based designer, Carolina Wong values the art of uniting traditional crafts and creativity. Experimenting with materials to create cutting edge wearable art has always been an essential part of the brands DNA, all the while creating responsibility by thinking sustainably. The majority of the production process is handmade, and all metal parts of her jewellery collection are made form up-cycled materials such as regenerated brass and gold, therefore, the brand values empowering its customers through conscious creation.


Introduce yourself. Tell us about why you decided to create Carolina Wong?

I am Hong Kong-born London based designer. By trade I am a textile designer, but I found accessories and jewellery are more creatively stimulating and as a designer I love to mix unconventional materials into wearable art. 

After my graduation in Textile Design, I worked in different fields in the fashion industry for a few years, but I felt unsatisfied, or to be more precise, like something was missing in my career. Therefore, I decided that I had to start designing and creating again, so I launched my namesake brand. I want to make sure what I am working on is something authentic and that makes me feel fulfilled. 


What quote do you live by?

Life is too short to live in fear.


Where does your design inspiration come from?

As my background is in Textile design, I am always searching for unusual materials, so first I find the material then the concept will come around. The process can be filled with trial and error, until I see the final product, in fact, sometimes I can work on something which can take around a year to complete.



What is the most difficult aspect of running your own label?

Doing everything from A to Z, but I have started to let go certain tasks that can be completer by my staff, in this way I have more time to focus on creativity.


Your brand focuses on sustainability, how did you both become so passionate about this incredibly important cause? 

I am fortunate to have understand this issue in depth during my university years, as there is a dedicated research centre for fashion and textile sustainability issues.

Currently, we are living in a time where sustainability is not a marketing strategic but a first priority before design and making any consumer item.


What has been the highest and lowest point on your journey so far?

The lowest point could possibly when I first started. At the time not many people, both consumers and buyers, had any idea of the sustainability issue.

Today, I would say that I am at the highest point of my journey, as a lot of people understand that my brand is not only recognized for its designs but also because of our core value in sustainability.


When there are setbacks how do you continue to stay motivated?

'Keep calm, reflect and carry on'.


Describe a typical day in your life

Every early morning, I start my work out by chasing my daughter around and getting her dressed to take her to the nursery, then my morning starts officially with lemon water as I catch up on emails as sort out issues here and there. 

2020 has been a bizarre year as I have spent most of the year working from home with no traveling or event attending, as a result, I have launched 'Chatting Wong' on Instagram, a weekly chat about, culture, art, design and lifestyle, which acts as a collective of ideas and hopefully inspires me, aren't we all just in need of some mental stimulation?


Of all of your amazing creations, which piece of jewellery, do you think is an essential wardrobe staple?

I would say that the Wavy80 necklace is a bold staple which goes with any outfit from dressing up to dress down.


If you could give one piece of advice to our readers, what would it be?

Stay positive and go with the flow, I always believe that things happen for a reason.


Wavy80 As A Long Necklace (Above)


How do you define success?

If you feel fulfilled in yourself, not in comparison to other people, you are already successful. No one should define your success but yourself.


What is the part of your life experience you would alter if you had the chance to?

Nothing, I wouldn't change a thing, life is perfectly imperfect, my past experiences have shaped who I am today. Life is an ongoing lesson, recognize your mistakes and learn from them.


Shop the collections here: CAROLINA WONG

And check the official instagram: @CAROLINAWONGLDN