5 Unique emerging designer brands that will fascinate you!

In the fashion world, sometimes we think that we saw it all and that nothing could surprise us. Then emerging independent designers come to the rescue with their heads full of creative, innovative, and unique ideas! Here is a list of 5 fashion brands that know how to get attention and make their designs stand out.

OSTEL cherishes uniqueness through the usage of deconstructed, asymmetric forms. Each piece with some intended flaws reflects natural, everyday imperfections. The brand is restrained with the use of colours but rich in various, surprising cuts, which make up the essence of what OSTEL is.


El Dorado Head Crown - BEGADA

Riviera Statement Neckpiece - BEGADA

BEGADA designs jewellery that speaks a universal language. Each piece is a piece of art on this own. Hand-stitched, created with incredible attention to detail, this jewellery impresses with its complexity. Bold, heavy, and spectacular designs are ideal for making a statement.

3. A Humming Way

Black and White Short Body Crop Top And Flare Skirt - A Humming Way


Champagne Tiered Pencil Skirt: Bhutani Skirt - A Humming Way

A variety of textures distinguishes A Humming Way from the crowd. Inspired by the international travels of the designer, Sweta Agrawal, the brand incorporates an anthropological perspective to its designs drawing, for instance, from Rajasthani heritage or 90’s Nepal culture. These experimental designs are created for powerful, modern women.


The Choose Change T-shirt - JEMIMASARA

Martini Lady Self Love Silk Scarf - JEMIMASARA

JEMIMASARA represents a refreshing approach to basics and fashion’s ability to address social phenomena such as the seriousness of mental health and self-care. The brand is driven by a passion for the freedom of expression. Pieces are designed tongue-in-cheek, but they are still meaningful in their message.

 5. Glamour Hunter

 Flower Age White blouse with Lace Detailing - Glamour Hunter

Embroidered Flower Feast Midi Dress - Glamour Hunter

History likes to repeat, and Glamour Hunter allows it to do so through fashion. Borrowings from Victorian and Celtic fashion perfectly emphasise the feminine silhouette and elegance. As befits a luxury fashion brand, Glamour Hunter designs are dignified and sophisticated.

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