5 emerging jewellery designer brands that will help you make a statement!


BEGADA’s jewellery knows no limits. Each of the projects impresses with its creative richness and splendidness. BEGADA creates detailed, hand-stitched jewellery enriched by Australian crystal components. These designs cannot go unnoticed. Pure splendour!

2. Pietrasanta

Fontana White, Red & Blue Hoop Earrings - Pietrasantra


Sarti Coral Beaded Necklace - Pietrasanta

Vivid colours are Pietrasanta's hallmark! Inspired by 1980s Italian fashion, colourful designs delight with their timelessness and versatility. The brand offers pieces that can make any outfit look effortless, classic and modern. Available in a range of lively colours, Pietrasanta promises liveliness.


3. Satori Accessories

Helios Gold Plated Earrings - Satori Accessories

Hakan Tribal Earrings - Satori Accessories


Satori accessories draws inspiration from cultures around the world. From Ancient Greece, through Native America, India and many more. Detailed designs made of high-quality metals, including Gold, Rose Gold and Black Gold, surely deserve attention. Among the designs, there are both massive and more subtle but impressive pieces.

4. Tiana Jewel

Marly Pyrite Bracelet - Tiana Jewel 

Snowflake stalacite gemstone necklace - Tiana Jewel 

Tiana Jewel represents a true bohemian soul. Jewellery made of healing gemstones is not only a fashionable accessory but also holistic amulets. The brand’s missions to spread good energy lies at the root of its authenticity. Empowerment comes from a magnificence of pieces, as well as the transformational energy they are carrying.


5. Glamour Hunter 

Multicolour Crystal Sparks of Fire Bracelet - Glamour Hunter

Topaz Crocus Flower Bracelet - Glamour Hunter


Inspired by historical fashion and the Victorian era, Glamour Hunter offers designs being the identification of luxury and femininity. Jewellery richly decorated with Swarovski crystals represents opulence celebrating women and their elegance. These designs are standalone works of art.


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