A New Era in Sustainable Fashion World

Often, luxury and sustainability are seen as two words with parallel definitions. Luxury is intrinsically linked to sustainability, nourished by uniqueness and beauty. Conservation is paramount for maintaining the longevity of the brand. The independent designers have taken this sustainable fashion challenge and created a universe using exceptional materials with a strong focus on long-term use and limiting waste.

sustainable fashion gaurdi

Discover GAURDI Collection

Handcrafting dresses from recycled fabrics

The clothing lounge has a curated list of independent designers that have intertwined their designs with ethical sourcing. Veronika Guardi, a London-based designer, has created GUARDI, a luxury ready-to-wear brand handcrafting women’s dresses from recycled materials or deadstock fabrics. Her pieces are multi-wear which can be dressed for a laid-back daytime appearance or a night-time party. Investing in slow fashion and creating quality fabrics with a long-life cycle sets GUARDI apart.

independent designer the dust company

Discover THE DUST COMPANY Collection

The story of ageless leather bags

The DUST Company founded in 2017 paved its way into the luxury leather industry by making an elegant and vintage product. These bags can be styled for years to come which are adored by artists and musicians. Artisan’s design unique products in Italy that are timeless with retro vintage hues, it takes around 2 months to produce a collection. The brand uses vegetable tanning to bolster its sustainability commitment.


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