5 New designer brands to fall in love with!

The high number of new contemporary clothing brands that appear on the market can be overwhelming. At the same time, it brings plenty of opportunities to get to know the profiles of amazing new designers. From among the multitude of them, we have selected five independent clothing designers that we believe deserve special attention.

1. Dear Deer

Left: Khaki Long Sleeve Shirt - Dear Deer

Right: Rick Multicolour Camo Bomber Jacket - Dear Deer

Established in 2014, Dear Deer marks its presence more and more in the fashion market. The brand offers a wide range of high-quality pieces made of 100% cotton fabrics. Thanks to digital printing techniques, Dear Deer clothes are durable and skin-friendly. Designs include both plain wardrobe base clothes, as well as colourful, unique prints.


2. Augustha

Left: Luna Sandal - Augustha

Right: Moissac Mule - Augustha

Creating Augustha, a founder of the brand, Mónica Amaral, wanted to redefine the modern understanding of luxurious footwear. The designs created are variations on classic forms. Augustha’s pieces delight with their elegant versatility and surprise with some playful twists.


3. Emilia Mala

Left: Bad Request / Orange Scarf - Emilia Mala

Right: Plaisir D'Amour Scarf - Emilia Mala

Emilia Mala creates playful print silk scarves since 2017. These unique designs are made with the use of multiple methods, including hand-drawn illustrations and digital collages.  Multifarious inspirations drawn from classic films, graffiti and fine arts create an exceptional character of the brand.


4. Moda de la Maria

Left: Mauve Cotton Trousers - Moda de la Maria

Right: Navy Pleated Skirt - Moda de la Maria

As an emerging brand starting in 2019, Mode de la Maria gained customers' attention with a fresh, contemporary perspective on classic female fashion. The brand's designs are thought out to match the clothes already owned by customers. Mode de la Maria equates timeless elegance and femininity.


5. SONDR London


Left: The Leo Necklace - SONDR London

Right: The Rose Garden Necklace - SONDR London

UK designers clothing is truly exceptional, and the fashion world's future belongs to young, talented designers like Shamim, a founder of Sondr London. The brand brings a satisfying sense of imperfection with its antiqued jewellery made-to-order. Talisman necklaces can be the perfect complement to the most basic outfit, adding an extraordinary touch.

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