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A Secret British Essential: The Spring Cardigan

This week we are talking about the humble cardigan. In summer's unpredictable weather, this unsung hero will protect you from a bit of sun burn to a freak hail storm. The perfect armour for any seasoned professional.

Feeling Bold in BLONDISH

'Let people remember you by your shoes.' Is the motto of BLONDISH, the 2018-founded footwear brand that is taking New York by the ankles. It's designer and creator, Patricia Molina let us peep into her elegant world of shoes that adapt to their owner.

Sustainable Streetwear - The Shahini Fakhourie Interview

Breaking onto the British scene in style, Miami based designer, Shahini Fakhourie, has already tempted us to part with our cash by releasing the first half for her second collection. Shahini lets us delve deeper into her world.

Gold Without Guilt - The Ana Dyla Story

It's hard to find ethically sourced and sustainably produced jewellery on today's market. But Ana Dyla–Turkey's freshest jewellery brand–has made the seemingly impossible, possible. She reveals her challenges and motivations to TCL in this interview. Her designs have been added to our wardrobe staples already.

Why is Fashion Important?

In our final instalment we look at the importance of fashion in building relationships and what it means to express ourselves.

Crochet Comfort: Spagwool and TCL

A 5 minute interview with Spagwool designer and creator Eva Malpass. TCL gets behind the label to discover the talented designer who says no to fast fashion.

A Growing CVLCHA: TCL Meets the Aussie Jewellery Designer

TCL talks to the brilliant CVLCHA about running their own label, finding the right mentor, and their dreams for the future. We find out what fuels the fire behind the classic style of their timeless pieces.

Ethical Clothing - What Exactly IS It?

It's the it-phrase of the moment. A movement that's here to stay. But what is it? With so many definitions out there, we did the leg work, read through the research, syphoned through the opinions and coined the most concise definition on the web.

Sophistication, Innovation & Sustainability : Leap Concept

We got a glimpse of behind the scenes from Leap Concept. Leap Concept stands for sophisticated knitwear design, sustainability and innovation. 

Why is Fashion Important?

In part two of our 'Why is Fashion Important' series, we take a look at the importance of change, both inside and out.

3 Ways to Build the Minimalist-Luxe Look

Exuding taste and maturity, power and authority, it's about being comfortable in your own skin. Find three easy ways to create your own look.

Why is Fashion Important?

Here at TCL we know the questions you want answers to. So we put our heads together to create a three part series to explore the topic. Checkout what we came up with.

A New Era in Sustainable Fashion World

Exclusive curated list of independent designers driving the sustainable fashion trend. Quality materials and sustainability in the fashion world

The Inspiring Story of Kodama Apparel

The TCL editorial team got a chance to interview the designer of Kodama Apparel and got to know the Japanese heritage influencing the designs along with sustainability as a core value driving this independent street wear brand.

Vegan Fashion Brands that Deserve a Place in Your Wardrobe

Discover a world of vegan fashion brands to add to your closet. A Fashion designers guide for vegan clothing. SANIKAI, BO CARTER, BASILISSA.

OUT OF SYNC- Designer Interview

OUT OF SYNC are a family owned made- to- order luxury womenswear brand based in Cardiff. With a focus on sustainable and ethical practices, they use end-of-roll fabrics that would normally end up in landfill when producing collections. This also means that the collections are limited in size, reducing the chances...