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Emerging designers' inspirations: ‘80s fashion trends are coming back!

Among the many inspirations in fashion, one of the most popular is still the regularly recurring trends that we have already loved once, and now we fall in love again! '80s fashion today is iconic for its boldness and powerfulness. In 2021,  these popular '80s fashion trends are coming back, empowering us to be courageous with our fashion choices! Independent designers help us to achieve this goal by creating extraordinary clothes inspired by '80s fashion! 

Aulala Paris: emerging swimwear brand celebrating art

Aulala Paris was created as a universal language which brings art closer to our everyday life. This independent designer brand is inspired by creativity of all kinds of artists. As an emerging label, Aulala supports them by incorporating their works into their swimwear designs. Result? Extraordinary, unique swimsuits!

Sophia - Enjoy Thinking: a homeware brand sharing Greek wisdom

Inspiring interiors become even better with the help of the Sophia Enjoy Thinking, a home décor brand. This label captivates with its passionate approach to the aesthetics and philosophy of ancient Greece. Today, we have a chance to get a detailed insight into the brand.

Effortless and stylish casual menswear must-haves

Casual wear is an absolute basis of male fashion and an ultimate everyday choice for active men who want to enjoy the most of the freedom of movement. We live fast, we are active and busy, and so, we deserve some relief. Here are some independent menswear brands that focus...

Summer style: independent luxury swimwear brands in the spotlight

The prospect of returning to exotic beaches is becoming more and more realistic, but regardless of where you will spend the coming summer, one thing is for sure – it is good to have a swimsuit! Not just any swimsuit, but one created by emerging fashion designers - the one...

Dresses for every occasion from contemporary independent designers

Well-designed dresses can be the backbone of a great outfit. That is why we love them! Another undeniable advantage is their incredible diversity. Dresses by emerging designers are created to accompany their clients in all areas of their lives. From everyday rush through romantic summer evenings and finishing with special...

Fashion and identity - what our clothes say about us

It is not people that serve fashion. On the contrary, fashion is made to benefit people. Because we are all different, we use it in our ways, we express our identity through fashion in diverse styles.

No time to stop – stay active with women's designer sportswear

Nobody likes to waste time, money, and energy for uncomfortable activewear. High quality sportswear allows us to get the best out of trainings! Want to stay stylish at the same time? It is absolutely possible, and these are two emerging designer brands are the proof! Meet Guardi and MARY +...

Rebecca J Mills – Luxury home decor for a demanding homebody

The Clothing Lounge is proud to feature a contemporary British designer and a founder of a stunning emerging brand – Rebecca J Mills. This label makes it a priority to feel comfortable in your own home. How to achieve it? Rebecca J Mills suggests surrounding oneself with beautiful things, like...

5 Reasons to switch to sustainable fashion brands

The Clothing Lounge firmly believes in the meaning of sustainability and ethics in the fashion industry.These precious values are often overlooked in the fast-fashion era, which chooses quality over quantity.

6 remarkable, sustainable fashion brands that make a difference

Modern fashion is much more than just clothes. Each of the independent brands has different motivations and goals.

7 independent designer brands more elegant than ever!

Modern elegance can be fiery, modest, classic, avant-garde – you name it. 

Elegant shirts worthy of a gentleman - notable men’s designer clothes

Some things simply do not fall out of fashion. Sophisticated clothes have always been admired and desired. Timeless, classic elegance requires top quality and authentic passion. Who else cares about quality and passion more than independent designer brands?

More than clothes – when fashion becomes art

Thinking of art, we typically imagine fine art, paintings, and sculptures. Sometimes it seems that we are forgetting the variety that comes from additional forms such as decorative or applied art.

From head to toe - stylish men's footwear

Choosing the ideal pair of shoes can be challenging. Finding the perfect balance between style and comfort is difficult but rewarding once we find an excellent pair.

In search of ideas – How do fashion designers find inspiration?

Each of the clothes hanging in our wardrobes today started with inspiration in the minds of designers. Perhaps an airy skirt or a light linen shirt is someone's memory of a sunny holiday at the seaside.