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Posts tagged: inspiration

Why is Fashion Important?

In part two of our 'Why is Fashion Important' series, we take a look at the importance of change, both inside and out.

Fashion trends connected to culture - worldwide inspirations of independent designers

Fashion and culture are mutually inseparable. They work together on multiple levels, as a reflection of a given culture, carriers of tradition, history, but also help starting modern fashion trends by providing inspiration for designers. Inspiration knows no borders, and so, fashion can introduce us to different cultures in every corner of the world. 

Aulala Paris: emerging swimwear brand celebrating art

Aulala Paris was created as a universal language which brings art closer to our everyday life. This independent designer brand is inspired by creativity of all kinds of artists. As an emerging label, Aulala supports them by incorporating their works into their swimwear designs. Result? Extraordinary, unique swimsuits!

In search of ideas – How do fashion designers find inspiration?

Each of the clothes hanging in our wardrobes today started with inspiration in the minds of designers. Perhaps an airy skirt or a light linen shirt is someone's memory of a sunny holiday at the seaside.


Talent and creativity are two of the elements that set Alexandra Fardi apart. We met her at the 23rd Athens Xclusive Designers Week, where she had the honour to be awarded by the committee as the Best Trendsetter.  What inspired you to start Alexandra Design?  I think it was inevitable....


                                                   With so many new artists appearing on the scene everyday it can be slightly overwhelming to find the musicians for you. There’s so much choice that where...