Talent and creativity are two of the elements that set Alexandra Fardi apart. We met her at the 23rd Athens Xclusive Designers Week, where she had the honour to be awarded by the committee as the Best Trendsetter. 

What inspired you to start Alexandra Design? 

I think it was inevitable. My mother was a fashion designer and I always loved to watch how she managed to transform a textile into a dress or a skirt “sur mesure”. I really appreciate people who make things on their own. I guess I was too attracted by fashion, so I decided to study in a fashion school and start my brand, Alexandra Design. 

What’s your overall vision of the brand? What’s unique about Alexandra Design? 

My brand Alexandra Design is in the early stages. I believe that everyone has something different to give in the world of fashion, to present his own perspective. I determined to continue designing clothes for women with self-confidence and passion for life. I believe that every fashion designer tries to express his feelings through his clothes.

Now, can you tell us a little about the creative process behind your collections?                

I just get excited when I create a piece of clothing. The joy of creation and the pleasure of every woman who wears this new piece “sur mesure” gives me the energy I want, to continue what I am doing. The SS18 collection "Flecos Argentinos" was initially inspired in a dance hall where a couple was dancing Tango Argentino. I focus on the woman. Power, passion, intensity but always with style and femininity. Don't lose this woman from your eyes. She is the woman of my collection.

Where do you initially look to for inspiration with your designs?           

Inspiration comes from everything around me that can trigger me to imagine and create. It may be a building, its color, its architecture, a tree, a person, a reflection of nature on a lake or music on the street. Every time, I observe something different. Moments inspire me. I always have a notebook with me, so that I can write down something that impressed me. When I get home I think it over and over. It may be the inspiration of a new collection, who knows…


You were a part of Athens Xclusive Designers Week and you were awarded as the best trendsetter. What does this award mean for you? 

It was my first time in Athens Xclusive Designers Week! I had the chance to show my new SS18 collection to the audience and to contest among 8 other new designers. I’ve been awarded by people that I genuinely appreciate and it felt like a reward for my all hard work. It was a great honor and a very good push to continue doing the job that I love so much. 


What are your current style inspirations?                                                          

I like street style a lot. I am a fan of casual clothes but I can't ignore my soft spot for haute couture and prêt-à-porter.



Interview by Vasia Fragkou.

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