Fashion trends connected to culture - worldwide inspirations of independent designers

Fashion and culture are mutually inseparable. They work together on multiple levels, as a reflection of a given culture, carriers of tradition, history, but also help starting modern fashion trends by providing inspiration for designers. Inspiration knows no borders, and so, fashion can introduce us to different cultures in every corner of the world. 
AAMOGH Danish inspired fashion trend
It is surprising how much fashion varies from time to time and from place to place. Many independent designers like Aamogh are inspired by these differences to create garments that will take us to a different culture, even   decades earlier.  This is how Aamogh's collection was created - from inspiration by  the film The Danish Girl, and 1920s Danish fashion.

BEGADA designer jewellery earrings inspired by the culture of Egypt
For a true fashionista, history is not only about battles and dates, it is also a stunning fashion story. The early beginnings of extravagant fashion even today took place in Egypt. Detailed beaded jewellery, the beginnings of make-up, and splendor. This is the ancient Egyptian fashion soul we love and the one that BEGADA got inspired by while creating some of their amazing pieces.

IMAIMA embroidery Indian culture
Embroidery is an important part of the fashion of many cultures, each has its own individual character, and one of the most noteworthy is the Indian one.   An establishing fashion brand IMAIMA cultivates the tradition of intricate Indian embroidery taking it to another lever of modern fashion paying homage to  Indian fashion.

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