FILI PLAZA, Art that unifies emotions with the body.


Fili Plaza is a jewelry and sculpture designer with a vision that transcends natural beauty. Based in one of the most important streets of Barcelona, ​the designer transmits the potential of form and texture thanks to the power of her high-level artisan creations.

From a sculpture to the production of a jewel, we could use many eccentric adjectives to describe a piece from Fili Plaza. The one I like the most? Art as a body accessory. Behind the brand, which is located in one of the most emblematic neighborhoods of Barcelona, Spain, we can find the incredible woman designer who started the brand. After studies in interior design, Fili has gone through certain facets within a creative process, which has led her to reinvent herself several times. For artists, reinventing is synonymous with re-rebirth and re-creating. What for some may be very negative, others transform it in an enormous reawakening with more wisdom and more talent.  Fili's world is an energetic space that mixes sensuality and sexuality, uniting it in the same universal language.


In each piece, we can contemplate different perspectives, forms and structures, but all have something that consolidates them, each season: the essence of the brand, which is a rebellious spirit, subcontracted and disturbing. That is a word that can describe the brand itself. Each stroke, whether on a pendant or on a bracelet; each detail in a jewel is synonymous of unconventional lust that gives you a feeling of empowerment.
Her first two collections were called “Fragments” and “Erosion”. They were inspired by movements and organic textures. In these collections, we start to contemplate her gift to be able to unify the beauty of nature with contemporary art. The Fili Plaza brand manages to combine iron sculptures with jewels created from precious stones and special materials to achieve an unusual jewel. When you have a piece of Fili in your hands or on your neck, the sensation is not that of a traditional jewel, but of an extraordinary artistic sculpture.


"Mini sculptures that unite the separated,” Fili Plaza

This is the artist's way of describing her pieces, since they are not just works of art. Here, we are talking about constant artisan work. "Ant work" is how Fili Plaza defines her work in the workshop, when carrying out her brand. She defines her creative process as something constant, being able to start and finish a collection in an afternoon. Thanks to her immense creativity, Fili assembles and disarms until transforming her imaginary into something real.

Hard work and perseverance enjoy and lose herself in the abyss of creation. Flow with thoughts and dare to break with schemes without fear or ties; that is one way of describing a brand like this. Not just any woman chooses to wear a Fili Plaza jewel; it will only be those who really feel the emotionality between the passions, the desire and the feminine power.