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Posts tagged: accessories

A Growing CVLCHA: TCL Meets the Aussie Jewellery Designer

TCL talks to the brilliant CVLCHA about running their own label, finding the right mentor, and their dreams for the future. We find out what fuels the fire behind the classic style of their timeless pieces.

5 Minute Interview with Artissanos: the generations behind the handmade art

Inspired by authentic craftmanship, sustainable and eco-conscious practices. Artissanos is more than just a handmade brand that makes household items, it is curated by history, culture and independent influence of Nicaraguan artisans.   

More than clothes – when fashion becomes art

Thinking of art, we typically imagine fine art, paintings, and sculptures. Sometimes it seems that we are forgetting the variety that comes from additional forms such as decorative or applied art.

Prepare your summer wardrobe with these 7 conscious emerging independent brands

The rays of the spring sun arouse more and more excitement while waiting for the summer. We are all waiting to switch for lightweight, flowy fabrics and swimwear. Right now, it is the best time to review a wardrobe and improve it with some fantastic proposals by independent designers. 

A_C Official a brand that honours the planet while creating sustainable handbags.

Discover A_C Official, an Australian independent designer brand focused in creating luxury ethical handbags

Cacao Pow Deo Bar: Delivering POW-erful protection

Fragrant, vegan, free from aluminium, Cacao Pow Deo Bar is the first natural deodorant in a jar. A UK based small independent business which is specialist in producing natural deodorant bars.

Carolina Wong: A creator of wearable art

Carolina Wong values the art of uniting traditional crafts and creativity. The majority of the production process is handmade, and all metal parts of her jewellery collection are made form up-cycled materials such as regenerated brass and gold, therefore, the brand values empowering its customers through conscious creation.

Chifundo: Jewellery Inspired By Africa

Chiku, the founder of Chifundo, drew inspiration from Africa and created a collection of African jewellery made in the UK inspired by African women leaders. We had a chat with her to find out more about Chifundo.

Take Your Espadrilles to the Next Level with Respoke

The brand creates handcrafted unique espadrilles made of designers’ vintage scarves.

The Timeless Elegance of Paradise Row

Based around the local community and craftsmanship, East-London-based handbag brand Paradise Row works on season-less and meaningful collections.

FILI PLAZA, Art that unifies emotions with the body.

Fili Plaza is a jewelry and sculpture designer with a vision that transcends natural beauty. Based in one of the most important streets of Barcelona, ​the designer transmits the potential of form and texture thanks to the power of her high-level artisan creations.

Creative Energy

For many of us we associate candlelight with relaxation. That special moment where we take time out to pause and invest in ourselves. 

Bags to the Future

What does Italy remind to non-Italians? One of the best countries for having vacation, pizza & pasta, handsome men, the romantic and historical city Rome, great renaissance artists… This list goes on and for sure fashion will be included. Being in a wonderful nature, the spirit of Italia has always...

Surrealist Flavors in the Making

Amal Kiran Jana, born in India where has a very fruitful culture for a designer to nourish. He had his master’s degree in Milan. His collections were exhibited in various capitals of fashion including Milan, Berlin, London and Kiev. Creating his unique silhouettes, he just reflected what he had learnt...

Four Cities, Enhanced by, Four Jewellers

Istanbul, London, Bucharest, and Hong Kong, what do they all have in common?  Four skilful jewellers reside there, producing superb one of a kind jewellery pieces to discerning shoppers across the globe. To find out what motivates and defines each Designer Women’s Jewellery Brand, READ ON!  

Meet Carlota: The Founder of Shayard

Founder Carlota shares with us the journey she endured to launch her jewellery brand, Shayard. We find out what inspired her to start the beloved and unique Shayard. Read the tale about the life of a dentist to a designer.