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Posts tagged: 5 MINUTE INTERVIEW

Feeling Bold in BLONDISH

'Let people remember you by your shoes.' Is the motto of BLONDISH, the 2018-founded footwear brand that is taking New York by the ankles. It's designer and creator, Patricia Molina let us peep into her elegant world of shoes that adapt to their owner. When and where did you first begin? In 2018 I started my first line. It was something that I really had to do. I grew up in the shoe industry and my parents, years ago, owned one of the biggest shoe factories, so since I was a child I designed shoes.  Many years ago I moved to New York to study and work as a fashion stylist and personal shopper. But I missed doing what I was really good at, so I decided to do it. Where does your design inspiration come from? Since I was a child I designed shoes as a game; a dream that came true. Now I love to travel. When I do, I like to sit down on a terrace and get inspired by people walking on the sidewalks.  Describe your brand in 3 words. Sophisticated. Provocative.Confident. Shop Helena Maria Red Stiletto   What's the most difficult aspect of running your own label? I have struggled in so many different aspects from hiring to logistics. I launched two months before Covid-19 so I have been quiet and local for two years. It also takes a lot of time to connect with people and get into the market.  Shoes are complicated. They are a delicate accessory to make. As you wear them on your feet, that's a lot of responsibility.  My line is for women who loves quality, who is confident and likes to run heads everywhere she goes. Which part of the creative process do you enjoy the most, and the least? I really love to search of materials and to design. I love to compose a shoe: the structure of the heels, platform, fabrics and leathers, and put them together. My least favourite part is when samples are late and I have to push everyone to be on time with the collection for the sales campaign.  BLONDISH Instagram   Do you have a mentor? My family and my mum. I remember playing next to her while she was hand-sewing shoes.  How long did your latest collection take to create? A collection usually take six months. What are your future plans? I have a dog leash collection made from recycled shoe scraps. My logo is my dog and I want shoe lovers to be able to match their favourite pair of BLONDISH shoes with their favourite furry friend.  Which pieces do you think everyone should have in their wardrobe? A pair of stilettos. They are the perfect shoe for wearing with jeans, gowns... anything! I could say with a tracksuit as well.     Shop Berta Mustard Mules   What attracted you to The Clothing Lounge? I really liked the aesthetics. Also, I believe the target of TCL is great for BLONDISH; for people who love quality and are open to discovering new brands.   SHOP BLONDISH COLLECTION 

Sustainable Streetwear - The Shahini Fakhourie Interview

Breaking onto the British scene in style, Miami based designer, Shahini Fakhourie, has already tempted us to part with our cash by releasing the first half for her second collection. Shahini lets us delve deeper into her world.

Crochet Comfort: Spagwool and TCL

A 5 minute interview with Spagwool designer and creator Eva Malpass. TCL gets behind the label to discover the talented designer who says no to fast fashion.

Paradis Perdus: a luxury knitwear brand with honest approach to sustainable fashion.

Natural environment finally becomes a serious topic of discussion for fashion brands. Brands work to meet customer expectations for low-impact clothing. Paradis Perdus proudly puts the planet first using fully recycled materials. This brand is a place where fashion meets consciousness.

Bathed in the Italian sun: Interview with Lungomare

Founders of Lungomare, Gianni Bugli and Roberta Fabbri, proudly represent a belief that quality is always in fashion, just like their timeless, hand-made pieces. The nostalgic take on a summer on the Riviera Romagnola brings classic, comfortable forms that make people want to keep them forever.  Fashionable today, tomorrow and...

Humanity needs your individuality: Interview with Escape Karma founder, Eleni Kadigkou

An art of living good. This short sentence summarises the motivations and goals behind Escape Karma, an online lifestyle magazine established by Eleni Kadigkou.

D’ORO: An Israelian Vegan Footwear Brand

An Israeli brand with a mission to provide women with comfortable, stylish footwear that is eco-conscious and sustainable. 

Florette The Label: A solution-based brand to achieve instant elegance

A Malaysian brand that specialises in iron free, comfortable, wrinkle free, stretchable wrap dresses and so much more, at the heart of Florette The Label is the modern-day woman. 

Meet Taline Postajian: A multifaceted boss lady

Ambitious, work minded and determined, Taline Postajian is the epitome of a lady boss who does it all; she’s an entrepreneur building "In The Posts", a boutique design studio focused on branding and social media management all the while working towards her business MBA.   Please introduce yourself. Tell us...

Where The Wild Things Are: Designer interview with Roberta London

One of the most joyous things about fashion is that it demonstrates the beauty and the power of expression. And the connections and ties it builds in our lives. This is especially true with brands like Roberta London. 

Alenkie: An Argentinan Eco-Warrior Brand

Focused in making the world a better place by benefitting both people and planet, Alenkie creates unique garments made from recycled ocean bottles as well as fishing nets. Therefore, the brand truly is a sustainable force for change, using 100% organic fabrics and recycled materials all the while creating clothes...

A Family Affair: An Interview with the Designer’s Behind Curse

The name Curse is an oxymoron for the aesthetic of this brand; which can only be described as a fairy-tale meeting between 1970s pop culture and the best of Edwardian high fashion.

Trame di Stile, contributing to the green fashion revolution with natural fabrics

Trame di Stile is a made in Italy brand which follows the philosophy of sustainability by using completely innovative and eco sustainable materials to create their one of a kind, unique, pieces.

CRU LE: The Perfect Capsule Collection

Eco-conscious designer, Letizia Cruciani, designs sophisticated clothes exclusively made in Italy.  Created with minimalism and sustainability in mind, CRU LE provides a classic yet contemporary capsule wardrobe for the sophisticated woman. 

Aurore Lingerie: A celebration of sensuality and femineity

Exploring the notions of desire and tasteful provocation while maintaining a focus on quality and comfort, Aurore is an empowering brand thar creates ‘feel good lingerie.’ 

Moda de la Maria: An Interview With Designer Maria Ruseva

Moda de la Maria makes modern classics. Designer Maria Ruseva is an expert at giving timeless styles a modern twist with tailored silhouettes and colourful finishes.