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Taylor Yates

Doris Clutch

Doris Clutch is one of our originals and she is very well loved by everyone who has one! Doris combines understated luxury with practicality meaning she’s the perfect partner for weddings and nights out. Super versatile, she can be used as a tech pouch or to keep your essentials handy in a bigger bag. Doris features a contrast zip and a leather wrist strap meaning your bag becomes a hands-free clutch - perfect for a night of unexpected dancing! 

Additional Information

100% British Leather
Height 14 cm. Width 19 cm. 
+Care & Maintenance
The leather for our bags is of a carefully constructed strength, with a special WR100X water resistant /repellent finish which dries off soft. WR100X performance leather has a structure which maintains its natural breathability, beautiful look and butter soft feel.
Although we do not recommended it, some of our customers have told us they have used a protective spray on our leather. Most light marks can be removed using a damp soft cloth and we would recommend you keep your bag away from oil-based products. If your bag does come in contact with oil-based products, we have found a little corn starch and a damp cloth can help remove marks and prints.
If the lining of your bag becomes marked it can be easily cleaned with a little soft detergent and a damp cloth.