Tilly & William

Based in Brooklyn, Tilly and William was born out of the idea of transformability and gender inclusivity. Not only focusing on comfort the brand gives importance to environmentally and socially responsible production.

Who says you can only wear a jacket only as an outerwear? With Tilly and William’s idea of transformability, each piece can suit multiple uses. So when you get one piece you are actually investing in more. Leaving it up to the imagination of the user, many ways of using them can be discovered by the wearer. This quality gives freedom to the user which is what the brand initially aimed for. With the freedom of choosing how to wear the garments, Tilly and William create endless options for any gender.

With this said, “There is no wrong way to wear Tilly and William,” the brand breaks gender barriers for anyone and everyone. Inspired by the anatomy of the human body, each piece represents the bones, limbs, and eyes. Any garment we wear becomes a new layer of our skin, thus the brand seeks to address each individual part of our bodies. Mainly focused on basic needs, the garments are designed to fulfill easy movements and comfort.

‘Transform. Evolve. Share.’ Being the mantra of Tilly and William, the designers want the wearer to feel as if the clothes are a part of their bodies rather than pieces of fabric. Even the colours of the collections match the fluidity of the brand’s ideology with blacks and creams, the colours are simple yet the elaboration is exquisite. With maximised minimalism, creators Jessica Lapidos and Thomas Barranca uses natural methods in their brand which aims to alter gender stereotypes.