ECOPACK: DZHUS introducing a Spring/Summer 2021 collection

WASTEPAPER 4-way transforming dress


Being a conceptual fashion brand, DZHUS once again presents its innovative, avant-garde collection. A Ukrainian brand established by Irina Dzhus in 2010 has repeatedly presented its ethical approach to fashion. This time the collection was inspired by recycling and multiple kinds of packaging. See the latest collection: ECOPACK.


ECOPACK: DZHUS introducing a Spring/Summer 2021 collection.

TAKEAWAY 2-way transforming piece: shorts/bag


In line with sustainability, ECOPACK offers a range of original and yet, utilitarian clothing. All of the pieces are transformable and, as a result, multi-purpose. DZHUS adopt a revolutionary way of creating a capsule collection, minimising a need for additional shopping at the same time. Classic silhouettes are reinvented, allowing customers to reuse them in multiple ways.


ECOPACK: DZHUS introducing a Spring/Summer 2021 collection.

180° 7-way transforming piece: jumpsuit/shorts/top/belt/peplum


The textured garments are deceptively similar to packagings such as foil bags, cardboard or takeaway bags. Each piece is an example of a thoughtful design. Attention to detail is evident in the way the garments are structured, taking on architectural forms with a modern feeling.

BASKET 5-way transforming piece: hat/bag DZHUS

In compliance with DZHUS philosophy, ECOPACK is vegetarian-friendly, created with the use of cruelty-free materials and technologies.


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