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Posts tagged: clothes

OUT OF SYNC- Designer Interview

OUT OF SYNC are a family owned made- to- order luxury womenswear brand based in Cardiff. With a focus on sustainable and ethical practices, they use end-of-roll fabrics that would normally end up in landfill when producing collections. This also means that the collections are limited in size, reducing the chances of someone else wearing the same outfit as you!

Effortless and stylish casual menswear must-haves

Casual wear is an absolute basis of male fashion and an ultimate everyday choice for active men who want to enjoy the most of the freedom of movement. We live fast, we are active and busy, and so, we deserve some relief. Here are some independent menswear brands that focus...

5 Reasons to switch to sustainable fashion brands

The Clothing Lounge firmly believes in the meaning of sustainability and ethics in the fashion industry.These precious values are often overlooked in the fast-fashion era, which chooses quality over quantity.

6 remarkable, sustainable fashion brands that make a difference

Modern fashion is much more than just clothes. Each of the independent brands has different motivations and goals.

7 independent designer brands more elegant than ever!

Modern elegance can be fiery, modest, classic, avant-garde – you name it. 

Elegant shirts worthy of a gentleman - notable men’s designer clothes

Some things simply do not fall out of fashion. Sophisticated clothes have always been admired and desired. Timeless, classic elegance requires top quality and authentic passion. Who else cares about quality and passion more than independent designer brands?

More than clothes – when fashion becomes art

Thinking of art, we typically imagine fine art, paintings, and sculptures. Sometimes it seems that we are forgetting the variety that comes from additional forms such as decorative or applied art.

In search of ideas – How do fashion designers find inspiration?

Each of the clothes hanging in our wardrobes today started with inspiration in the minds of designers. Perhaps an airy skirt or a light linen shirt is someone's memory of a sunny holiday at the seaside.

ECOPACK: DZHUS introducing a Spring/Summer 2021 collection

Being a conceptual fashion brand, DZHUS once again presents its innovative, avant-garde collection.

Bathed in the Italian sun: Interview with Lungomare

Founders of Lungomare, Gianni Bugli and Roberta Fabbri, proudly represent a belief that quality is always in fashion, just like their timeless, hand-made pieces. The nostalgic take on a summer on the Riviera Romagnola brings classic, comfortable forms that make people want to keep them forever.  Fashionable today, tomorrow and...

A special day with Aureliana, a brand combining sophistication and elegance

The countdown to one of the most memorable days of the year has started. February 14th is almost upon us and who doesn’t love chocolate hearts and flowers?  Whether you’re planning on spending this particular night with your Valentine or with your best friends and a bottle of red wine,...

The Clothing Lounge Designer Interview with Ardelle: A Woman of Quality

Ardelle speaks to a place that is entirely comfortable and beautifully unique. Founded by Ardelle Fawehinmi, this new sustainable brand prioritises passion over popularity, while making a safe space for the individuality of every wearer. Mixing the subtleness of interior design with the beauty of African heritage, Ardelle’s creative vision...

Florette The Label: A solution-based brand to achieve instant elegance

A Malaysian brand that specialises in iron free, comfortable, wrinkle free, stretchable wrap dresses and so much more, at the heart of Florette The Label is the modern-day woman. 

Alenkie: An Argentinan Eco-Warrior Brand

Focused in making the world a better place by benefitting both people and planet, Alenkie creates unique garments made from recycled ocean bottles as well as fishing nets. Therefore, the brand truly is a sustainable force for change, using 100% organic fabrics and recycled materials all the while creating clothes...

An Introduction to the Best Brands to Bring Into the New Year

There are many great ways to make a statement. And power dressing is undoubtedly one of the best ways to do so. Sinclair London stands out for many reasons, and it isn’t just because of their expertly crafted tailored suits.   Alicya Sinclair has made history as the first Saville...

A Family Affair: An Interview with the Designer’s Behind Curse

The name Curse is an oxymoron for the aesthetic of this brand; which can only be described as a fairy-tale meeting between 1970s pop culture and the best of Edwardian high fashion.