There are so many different parts to arts & culture, including more than simply fashion. There's music, food, film and so much more to explore! With this in mind, we spoke to ballet dancer Ingrid Silva in an interview about her experience working in the dance world so far. 

How long have you been dancing for?

I have been dancing since I was 8 years old. 

Are you trained in different styles of dance or only in ballet? If not, which other dance styles would you love to learn? 

I started in ballet when I was 8, but I've always danced more than that. I also did contemporary, jazz, modern, hip hop and more. But my real passion has always been classical ballet. 

Do you get involved in the choreography of your own routines/performances?

No, I’ve always had someone working with me. I started to explore choreography later in life, in Summer 2016. I taught at the Dance Theatre of Harlem summer intensive and I choreographed then, what a great experience!! I loved it. 

Has there been a performance that you’ve done that stood out to you as your favourite?

Yes, I've performed Ulysses Dove’s Dancing on The Front Porch of Heaven which is about love and loss. To me this was the best ballet I've danced in my entire life. I had recently lost my god daughter and when I danced that ballet it was like I was dancing for her. 

Do you have inspirations in the dancing community? Is there someone in particular that you admire?

Yes, Ana Botafogo. She’s a Brazilian dancer who is renowned worldwide. I met her when I was 8 years old and she change my life forever. Her artistry is incredible in many ways. 

What does your typical day look like? We’d love to know!

I wake up every day at 8:55am and my ballet class is at 10am. I live nearby so I walk or take the bus. Then we have a ballet class that is 1hr 30mins long, to prepare us for the day. From here we rehearse for 7 hours, with a one-hour break. After I leave work my other life starts, I get home cook dinner and enjoy my family time and TV shows. 

What venue has been your favourite to perform in so far?

Tel Aviv Opera House, gorgeous space!!

Is there a venue that you would love to perform in one day?

Teatro Municipal in Rio de Janeiro, it’s a historical place in Brazil. 

Do you have a dream person to perform in front of? Who?

Beyoncé for sure! It is my dream to perform in front of her. Another person that I'm so inspired by is Alicia Keys, but I had the amazing opportunity to work with her in her campaign last December/17.

What advice would you give to someone who is currently starting off their dance career?

To start slow, and love it. Dance is entertaining and will you make your mind open in so many ways. It's exciting as well! 

How would you describe your personal style?

I'm very basic on my day-to-day. But I love colours! And I love my Kate Spade bags, they are my style.   

When you’re not in rehearsals what’s your go-to fashion look?

I love dresses and leather jacket and boots, that's my signature.

Which of your costumes has been your favourite to wear and perform in?

There's a costume that I liked, white leotard from Ulysses Dove. Also, Le Corsaire Tutu has been one of my favourites.

Do you keep your costumes after a performance?

No, since I work in a Ballet company we have a wardrobe stylist who takes care of that. 



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