Hi! I’m Miss Kitty Catalan, and I’m thrilled to be partnering with my friends at The Clothing Lounge this month! I’m known for my principled dedication to timeless style, and I’m here to highlight some of my favorite Clothing Lounge picks with those touches of glamour and femininity I can’t resist.

What is it about red? I can’t help but be intoxicated by the intensity, passion, the ferocity of it. A quick peek into my wardrobe will confirm that! There have even been scientific studies about the so-called “Red Dress Effect,” a phenomenon that seems to ascribe immense primal value to the color when worn. This date night look is sure to inspire those passionate feelings at your next event!

First, the elegant Red Lace Dress. The sharp, classic silhouette of a pencil skirt is given a surprising twist with a flounced, fishtail hem. The neckline and jeweled buttons have a touch of regal elegance, too. Then, the Classic Pumps add another fun twist on a timeless shape. Finish the look with the Vultura clutch, the Carpe Noctum bracelet, and the Flower Fest earrings. The earrings play off of the buttons on our Red Lace dress, as do the touches of gold from the clutch and bracelet. Voilà! A perfect special occasion outfit that can be trotted out again and again. 

The reason I love this look so much is because of the interplay between classic and modern. That interplay is what gives a Look longevity. On my social media platforms, I talk a lot about the importance of acknowledging the fact that what you wear tells people who you are and what you value. Being fashionable is finding the balance between telling your unique story while giving a nod to the stories around you, the stories that surround you, the stories that created you.

That is what The Clothing Lounge embodies. By blending luxurious taste with the unique and curated vision of emerging global artistry, they have a recipe for timelessness.