kARTu - Not just a label


Meet “kARTu” – born in Lithuania, Nordic design leather handbags’ brand that introduces a contemporary alternative to natural leather accessories. Every “kARTu” handbag is metaphorically called by a name of a different spice as each of them has a different taste, story and identity. Timeless, but created applying modern design tendencies “kARTu” handbags are for personalities living to the city rhythm and style. The brand uses only the highest quality leather from Italy, which is specially prepared for “kARTu” collections planning upfront. Main values that brand expresses and communicate through its creative direction are quality, durability and functionality, which are then proportioned with the modern design yet contemporary trends. Brand tends to play with the notion of mismatch, classic twisting with modern, minimal meeting eclectic. “kARTu” is a socially responsible brand that cares about the environment and its natural materials which are used up to 100% during the creative manufacture process. It aims to raise awareness about responsible fashion and environmentally friendly choice that can be adapted to fulfil the needs of a selective consumer of today.

Ingrida Jasinske, Lithuanian born entrepreneur, current creative director of “kARTu, found the brand in 2014. Ingrida had an inborn spirit of a wanderer as long as she can remember herself. Ability to travel, explore and acknowledge different cultures is still one of the main propulsions that stimulate Ingrida's ideas and decisions as a creative leader of the brand. Her interest in fashion and elements that affect it globally grew year by year as she was, at that time, attempting towards the career in law. Although she calls herself more of a minimalist, a handbag is an accessory that Ingrida loves to be bold and unexpected. She went deeper into getting to know the history of women that wore handbags through different decades. Ingrida is also a member of the Lithuanian Design Forum – an organization that represents up-and-coming creative professionals in the country and work towards their work being recognized globally. The creative lead enjoys studying the heritage of a handbag is not only a functional accessory but also an iconic legacy of fashion evolution. Started from an experimented variation of a simple tote bag, today “kARTu” presents more than 40 unique models of handbags, backpacks and smaller leather accessories both for men and women.

2017 – “kARTu” participated at one of the biggest trade shows in the world “Design Tokyo” in Japan

2019 - “kARTu” appeared on the catwalk of “Fashion Scout” show during London Fashion Week
2018 - “kARTu” collection was exhibited during Paris Design Week and at

2018 - “kARTu” collection was exhibited at the Festival of Northern countries “Les Boreales” in Caen city, France.