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Dear Deer

Neil Green Camo Sweatshirt

The Neil Sweatshirt is a cozy jumper with a classic black, brown and green camouflage pattern. This jumper is perfect coming into the colder months but can also be useful to tie around your waist or shoulders when it begins to warm up again. This piece is of utmost quality and will last you years with the classic colors and design always remaining in fashion. Also available in black, grey and blue camouflage.

  • Everyone has different talents. Dear Deer combined those talents and brought them to life. They have created these innovative hand made designs to make the wearer feel unique. The aim of Dear Deer is to design flawless products with attention paid to every single detail. They used only digital printing techniques. All fabrics are 100 % cotton and do not contain polyester or additives. These products are good for the human body and environment as well as being flexible and durable.