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Cocktail dress "Fabiola"

Do you want to embody seduction and romance all at the same time? Then you should opt for this evening dress. It exudes pure romance and a subtle hint of seduction. The lining of the dress consists of a 60 cm length skirt, shorts, a voluminous petticoat and a separate undershirt. Silk material of the lining is cool, light and oozes elegance. The pattern of the dress is reminiscent of a sea of flowers. A beautiful evening dress that captures attention and many bedazzled looks.


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The under parts (undershirt, skirt, shorts): 100% Silk
Petticoat: Tulle

+Sizing & Fit
EU 34 / UK 6 / XS / Chest 84-86 cm, Waist 64-66 cm

EU 36 / UK 8 / S / Chest 88-90 cm, Waist 68-70 cm

EU 38 / UK 10 / M / Chest 92-94 cm, Waist 72-74 cm

EU 40 / UK 12 / L / Chest 103-105 cm, Waist 83-85 cm

+Care & Maintenance

Dry Clean

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