TCL Values

Today’s fashion scene is dominated by fast fashion and trends evolving faster than ever before, resulting in more damage to the planet and unethical work practices. Even among luxury brands, there is sometimes a lack of thought for the environment and the well being of textile workers, to make more profit.
This mode of consumption is unethical, not sustainable, and it doesn’t foster and encourage creativity and originality in fashion. More and more consumers are aware of this and are looking for an alternative way of consuming fashion that is more sustainable, ethical, and human.
At The Clothing Lounge, we wanted to find a solution to this problem, and we did, by creating an online space away from overly trendy fashion, and focused on ethical fashion. We have always stayed true to our business philosophy and core values - Transparency, Ethical Fashion, Sustainability, Authenticity, and Uniqueness.
We consider transparency and engagement to be central to our platform. When supporting independent designers, we ensure that a majority of the sales go back to the designers, so they can keep on innovating and developing their brand. All our brands are carefully selected and are consistently making a positive impact on the environment.
Our designer all work on developing a form of ethical fashion in the industry. Thanks to sustainable materials, century-old traditions, and unique craftsmanship, those designers help to build a better and more responsible fashion industry.
Our limited-edition system prevents waste and mass consumerism. The designers we feature need a space to develop themselves; this is how our made-to-order method helps them grow.
Thanks to our platform, independent fashion designers can develop their identity and become accomplished artists. We want to empower individuality in every possible way, by helping our talents to gain customer interaction and brand recognition.
We propose a sophisticated yet innovative selection of products, all designed with genuine authenticity and the finest craftsmanship, so they last a lifetime. We source ethical independent designers, making it a platform that acts for the growth of ethical fashion production.
The brands you find on The Clothing Lounge take their engagement at heart. Whether they fight against animal cruelty, work with local seamstresses or minimise waste, they all take part in a cause to strengthen their work ethic.
But above all, we work as a community that benefits both sides of the business. Our aspirations go beyond fashion - We want to participate in building a better future, and to do so, we take part in several sustainable practices. When possible, we aim to work towards offsetting our carbon emissions, by working with some designers who are local to us, such as Tessa Spielhofer, a British brand focused on local sourcing and manufacturing.
In addition, we pay great attention to where designers source their materials, and we make sure to only work with ethical designers. That’s the case of Tiana Jewel, a jewellery brand that uses crystals which are all ethically mined and sourced in Brazil.
We also favour designers who have the environment and sustainability in mind when creating their collections, such as The Ananda Tree, an organic women's scarf brand that uses only organic material.
We are the go-to place to discover trendsetting and qualitative products that unite customers and designers to move forward together!



Caring for the planet:

 We have a rigorous selection process for our collaborators, and only work with designers who use sustainable practices that don’t contribute to more pollution and damage to the planet.

Ethical working conditions:

Poor working conditions for workers in fashion is a major problem in the industry, and so that is why we are dedicated to working with designers who give a fair wage and safe working conditions to their workers.

Reducing our carbon footprint:

We try and work with brands focusing on local economy and local manufacturing as much as possible, but we also work with global brands in a way that minimises our carbon footprint. Indeed, our designers all have limited edition pieces, which means we only need items shipped once. We don’t do restocking or weekly new products arrival, and focus on fashion that lasts for a long time, as opposed to seasonal trends.



Our designers produce their collections on a small scale, and many of them are unique pieces. We focus on providing our customers with original pieces they can’t find anywhere else and that they can wear and treasure for years to come.