The Clothing Lounge aims to foster and encourage creativity and originality in fashion, to empower individuality in every possible way, in our designers and customers.


Today’s fashion scene is dominated by fast fashion and trends, evolving faster than ever before, resulting in more damage to the planet, to generate more profit.


At The Clothing Lounge, we want to be a part of the solution by creating an online space away from overly trendy fashion and unsustainable practices. However, the designers we showcase assist in building a more responsible fashion industry by; using sustainable materials, and through fine, refined craftsmanship, ensuring each piece will last a lifetime. Additionally, we ensure that a majority of the sales go back to the designers, so they can keep on innovating and developing their brand.


Our aspirations go beyond fashion. We want to participate in building a better future as transparency and engagement are central to our platform, the brands featured on The Clothing Lounge are actively engaged with their ethical philosophy. Whether they work with local seamstresses, fight against animal cruelty, or minimise waste, they all practice sustainability in their craft to strengthen their work ethic.


When possible, we aim to work towards offsetting our carbon emissions, by working with designers who are local to us, such as Tessa Spielhofer, a British brand focused on local sourcing and manufacturing.


We pay great attention to the ways in which designers source their materials, such as jewellery brand Tiana Jewel, which uses crystals that are ethically mined and sourced in Brazil.


We also favour designers who are eco-conscious when creating their collections, such as The Ananda Tree, a women's scarf brand that only uses organic bamboo.


The Clothing Lounge is establishing its position as the go-to place to discover quality luxury products, whilst continuously supporting the movement of more ethically conscious fashion.