We have a rigorous selection process for our collaborators, and only work with designers who use sustainable practices that don’t contribute to more pollution and damage to the planet.



Poor working conditions for workers in fashion is a major problem in the industry, and so that is why we are dedicated to working with designers who give a fair wage and safe working conditions to their workers.



We try and work with brands focusing on local economy and local manufacturing as much as possible, but we also work with global brands in a way that minimises our carbon footprint. Indeed, our designers all have limited edition pieces, which means we only need items shipped once. We don’t do restocking or weekly new products arrival, and focus on fashion that lasts for a long time, as opposed to seasonal trends.



Our designers produce their collections on a small scale, and many of them are unique pieces. We focus on providing our customers with original pieces they can’t find anywhere else and that they can wear and treasure for years to come.