Lara Intimates: Sustainable Lingerie

Fast fashion is contributing to global warming which is why more and more people are turning to sustainable fashion. Cindy and Faith created Lara Intimates in 2016 as a way to empower women and make them more comfortable within their body. They started by working in the lingerie industry whilst at London College of Fashion, that’s when they realised the negative impact fashion had on people and the planet.

They wanted Lara Intimates to be “cool and comfortable with a great set of values”.  The reason behind the name is simply because Faith and Cindy didn’t want to name the company after themselves. They chose Lara - she is the persona behind the brand. The name embodies a woman who is “stylish, sophisticated, fun, creative and absolutely loves pink”.

Bra shopping is a complicated task and the girls made it their mission to make it easier. They offer bra fitting service which is really important because there is a reporting 85% of women who wear the wrong bra size. Their bras are based on your on your actual body measurements, therefore if your underbust measures 30 inches, you will be a 30 band size. Easy right?  There’s a tool on their website called “ Find My Size that calculates your size for you if you can’t go to the store. Last September Lara Intimates went on a tour around the UK to offer Bra Fittings to women.

Lara Intimates is big on sustainability. Their underwear are made out of reclaimed fabrics, thus reducing environmental impact and textile waste. Every year unused textile is sent to landfill, so instead of letting it go to waste, Cindy and Faith work with a UK supplier that buys surplus luxury lingerie fabrics and brings them back to a warehouse in England. Their office is 3/4 factory and 1/4 office. Having their factory in East London means they have control and transparency about every step of the supply chain.  Today, every Lara garment is made in-house, in our East London studio.

Lara Intimates is changing the lingerie industry one bra at a time.