YEF Studio


      YEF Studio is a London based high-end menswear brand founded by Yalei Elena Feng in 2022.

      Committed to pushing and offering more options in menswear. Bringing inspiration and confidence to men and men’s fashion by Making The Ordinary Extraordinary, with our unique quirky style.

      They want to cultivate a culture of innovation and shared purpose, by bringing our customers a sense of individual self-expression. Through brand ideals of detailed simplicity and understated confidence They want to show their community they can lead from the front, surprise and entertain without resorting to theatre 


      Push standard ny leading them

      YEF Studio use the finest fabrics that are safer for the environment. They deliver high-quality products by using materials that appeal to premium and durability.

      Their suppliers are certified by global recycled standards, BCI and GOTS. YEF Studio use recycled or Eco-friendly synthetic fibre to create Circular Fashion. Their approach is to minimise the waste by incorporating the scrap fabrics to create accessorise.

      100% use of our non-recycled synthetic fibre is a deadstock supply.

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