Wolinska London

      Gosia Wolinska, founder, designer and creative director of Wolinska London, is a Warsaw born and London based Polish fashion and costume designer.

      Founded in 2017, an established history through fine arts, antiques, and craftsmanship is the principal spirit behind the brand.

      Gosia's inspiration and the creative journey began right in the heart of the home in Warsaw, working alongside her father, training in the arts of antique restoration at his workshop.

      Deciding to develop herself as an individual, she boldly moved to London, landing in the fashion world through the involvement of visual merchandising and styling projects.

      Creativity through fashion furthered Gosia's enthusiasm to pursue a formal Fashion Design qualification with Denmark's TEKO VIA University College, the largest Scandinavian school. And soon after graduating, she began her fashion career in building Wolinska London.

      Affiliating with the movement of Slow Fashion, Gosia's collections are firmly centred on maintaining sustainable and ethical practices in every aspect of the product lifecycle.
      While Wolinska London is the principal focus, Gosia's motivation to create an ethical fashion business incorporates supplementary upcycling projects and restorative garment services.