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      Make A Wish - About Voglia Swimwear


      Voglia means "wish" in Italian. They wish for a cleaner, healthier world, starting with our oceans. Our capsule collection, Spaced Out, is made in Italy from regenerated materials like illegal fishing nets, creating a soft yet durable nylon-like fabric. 10% of all sales benefit The Role Foundation.

      Your bikinis are shipped in eco-friendly, plastic-free, and reusable packaging.

      A Message from Founder Ashley-Victoria Smith

      "I was awarded 'Most Likely to be President of a Nudist Colony' at Girl Scout camp—it's true, I hate clothes but love swimwear. After 10+ years in luxury swim and lingerie, I dreamt of designing bikinis. Voglia Swimwear is about sustainability and reducing waste. Join our wishlist to help grant more wishes!"

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