sugar y sal


      SUGAR Y SAL was born from a deep-rooted desire to empower self-expression and celebrate individual authenticity. Inspired by a circle of friends who embrace their true selves, the brand emerged as a tribute to freedom and ownership of personal identity.

      SUGAR Y SAL transcends fleeting fashion trends to champion the art of storytelling in every individual's life. More than a brand, it's a philosophy—an embodiment of the belief that style is a narrative, not just a choice. Each garment crafted by SUGAR Y SAL serves as a narrative tool, intricately woven into the fabric of one's unique journey.

      Celebrating the fluidity and dynamism of life and style, SUGAR Y SAL embraces diverse and evolving identities, recognizing that every person has a story to tell through their personal style. Clothing at SUGAR Y SAL becomes a bold declaration of one's life journey—a canvas for personal saga. Every thread and stitch symbolizes a chapter in the wearer's life, empowering self-expression and reflecting their stance on the world.

      The AW 2024 collection embodies the daring contrasts of men's fashion from 1910-1920, capturing the bold interplay between tradition and innovation. This campaign encapsulates the daring spirit and liberating power of self-expression inherent in SUGAR Y SAL's brand philosophy. Each garment in the collection is a fusion of timeless elegance reimagined through modern creativity.

      With the tagline "Where every thread narrates," SUGAR Y SAL believes in empowering storytelling through clothing. Each garment embodies the rich tapestry of its wearer's experiences, woven with care and intention. At SUGAR Y SAL, style is more than a statement—it's your legacy, immortalized through the timeless art of storytelling.

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