Samantha Siu - New York


       Samantha Siu's love affair with jewellery began in her childhood, growing up in the fashion factories of New York and China. Trained early in the art of jewellery making, she always believed a necklace was more than an accessory. As President and Chief Creative Director, Samantha Siu brings this belief to life.


      Attending the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), Samantha discovered a passion for wax carving, an ancient craft from Asia and the Middle East dating back to 4,000 B.C. She revived this lost art, integrating it into her designs, including her signature reversible back necklace.


      Inspired by her travels to Thailand and Shanghai, Samantha dedicated her work to creating versatile, sustainable jewellery. Launching her first collection, "A Love Affair," in 2019, her pieces have been featured in British Vogue and Vogue Portugal. Samantha Siu's intricately designed jewellery spreads a message of goodwill and is crafted to be treasured for generations.