Fabula & Tales


      Fabula & Tales represent three generations showcasing our artisanal heritage, discovering Turkey's history, using beautiful fabrics on shoes. We are a London-based craftsmanship brand, we design handmade artisan leather-soled slippers, finished off with the finest velvet and linen upper for our customers, who pursue the best. Our success came from the authenticity, story, design and quality of our craftsmanship. We also have a bespoke service for creating a unique community and desire for our customers.

      We have an enthusiasm to raise awareness about sustainable fashion consumption, we follow our vision to last products longer, thus creating a “timeless collection for all”. Our behavior influences our choices of material usage towards a conscious social and environmental impact.

      It is transcended to our journey, that we want to share with you.

      The question is why Fabula? In Latin, it means "Story", the direct translation of my name "Öykü". With our brand, we embody a story, and we want you to be a part of it. Here it goes

      "As life goes on by once upon a time…

      It all begins with our unique traditions and history that became our inspiration…

      As greetings used to be an important custom of our culture, the elegance of our slippers was due recognition and a must-have for first impressions.

      FABULA products are designed as all-purpose shoes that can allow us to enjoy a lifestyle surpassing elegance. The final touch of our hand-made materials as velvet, linen and many more adds up with our special embroideries and brooches, finally produces our cosy FABULA shoes. Elegant. Hand-made. Bespoke. Cosy."

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