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Posts tagged: womens fashion

Emerging designers' inspirations: ‘80s fashion trends are coming back!

Among the many inspirations in fashion, one of the most popular is still the regularly recurring trends that we have already loved once, and now we fall in love again! '80s fashion today is iconic for its boldness and powerfulness. In 2021,  these popular '80s fashion trends are coming back, empowering us to be courageous with our fashion choices! Independent designers help us to achieve this goal by creating extraordinary clothes inspired by '80s fashion! 

No time to stop – stay active with women's designer sportswear

Nobody likes to waste time, money, and energy for uncomfortable activewear. High quality sportswear allows us to get the best out of trainings! Want to stay stylish at the same time? It is absolutely possible, and these are two emerging designer brands are the proof! Meet Guardi and MARY +...

5 New designer brands to fall in love with!

The high number of new contemporary clothing brands that appear on the market can be overwhelming. At the same time, it brings plenty of opportunities to get to know the profiles of amazing new designers. From among the multitude of them, we have selected five independent clothing designers that we...

5 Unique emerging designer brands that will fascinate you!

In the fashion world, sometimes we think that we saw it all and that nothing could surprise us. Then emerging independent designers come to the rescue with their heads full of creative, innovative, and unique ideas! Here is a list of 5 fashion brands that know how to get attention...

A special day with Aureliana, a brand combining sophistication and elegance

The countdown to one of the most memorable days of the year has started. February 14th is almost upon us and who doesn’t love chocolate hearts and flowers?  Whether you’re planning on spending this particular night with your Valentine or with your best friends and a bottle of red wine,...

Florette The Label: A solution-based brand to achieve instant elegance

A Malaysian brand that specialises in iron free, comfortable, wrinkle free, stretchable wrap dresses and so much more, at the heart of Florette The Label is the modern-day woman. 

Meet Taline Postajian: A multifaceted boss lady

Ambitious, work minded and determined, Taline Postajian is the epitome of a lady boss who does it all; she’s an entrepreneur building "In The Posts", a boutique design studio focused on branding and social media management all the while working towards her business MBA.   Please introduce yourself. Tell us...

Augustha: Timelessly Elegant Footwear

  Up-and-coming designer, Mónica Amaral designs sophisticated footwear for determined women. Named after the Portuguese city of Braga, formerly known as Bracara Augusta, these beautiful pieces are handcrafted locally in Portugal – designed to stand the test of time and to be cherished for generations to come. How did the...

Don’t Be Bland, Get to Know IMAIMA an Authentic Fashion Brand

A fresh and ambitious women’s clothing brand with a twist- blending Berlin’s artistic flavours with the rich cultural heritage of Jaipur. Let’s find out more from founder and director, Bahhareh Karimi- a woman who has taken the local Jaipurian artisan industry by storm.

Isabel Manns – Contemporary Fashion meets Sustainability

Isabel Manns is a British contemporary womenswear label that offers you reversible clothing that is sustainably made in London.