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The Kryptonite Gift Box

Box KRYPTONITE of 5 crew mens socks made from high quality Egyptian cotton. Colours lilac, orange, turquoise, grey and navy blue

  • Cocksock thought long, and thought hard. Where were they going to put it? It looked so proud as it gleamed in the Andalucian sun. Their lips grimaced. Their eye flickered. Their nostrils flared. They were close. You could see it in their faces. Then, all of a sudden it came. “We’ll put it on a sock!” And so the idea was born. They did put it on a sock and there it is, for all to see, the gleaming stud on every sock. Voila!

    OUR QUALITY: The Cocksocks stud, carefully crafted with the golden logo, adorns every sock. Each sock is made of pure 100% Egyptian cotton and comes as a crew length or knee length hose. Cocksocks have chosen nine distinct, elegant and fun colours for the crew length socks and four more formal colours for the knee length.

    Cocksocks are presented in unique gift boxes as a collection of three or five socks to be enjoyed by anyone who requires a quality sock with a touch of fun. Individual pairs or three packs are also available. The creators hope you enjoy wearing Cocksocks as much as they had making them


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