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Tessa Spielhofer


Gorgeous soft leather envelope bag hand made in London. Versatile in its carrying options, stylish and sophisticated to suit every occasion.Perfect to carry documents for meetings with clients, your iPad/Laptop or simply what you need for a night out.The hidden gusset leaves enough space to fill what you need into this bag, clever designed to keep the flat envelope look.

  • Tessa Spielhofer is a Swiss born designer with a diverse background, having grown up in Israel and gone to school in Hong Kong, before moving to London where she studied business and fashion at the prestigious London College of Fashion. She wanted to create a label that spoke pure luxury but with an accessible price tag. The idea was to build a true British brand by focusing on local sourcing and manufacturing. Tessa Spielhofer bags are not only elegant and fashionable, but were created with a functional mind, allowing the user to keep her valuables safely organised within the bag. The days of fishing around ones bag for keys, wallet or an oyster card, are over.


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