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Othello Asymmetric Panel Shirt

Long sleeve round collar shirt made of 100% cotton, with front closure consisting of an open-end zip and a fabric panel that is attachable to right shoulder by 3 brass snap buttons. Zippers concealed at base of the shirt allow attachment to selected bottoms from STYL.MYL.

  • Deriving its name from a colloquial term frequently used to define an individual with an unorthodoxsense of style,styl.myl. (pronounced as “sty-lo-my-lo”) is inspired to transform classic designs intostylish and uniquely different sartorial pieces

    nfusing both eastern aesthetics and western sensibilities, the key element to astyl.myl. design isstylishness emoting a certain nonchalant attitude, often punctuated with an offbeat quality.

    styl.myl. places extreme emphasis on cuts and engineering of its designs, and adopts anexperimental spirit in using both quality natural and technical materials to create urban unisexclothing and accessories that are contemporary and refined.

    With signature looks inspired by jumpsuits, the androgynous style and sombre-chic quality itchannels requires a person carrying it to possess the right balance of audacity and sophistication.


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