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Snowflake stalacite gemstone necklace

This beautiful snowflake stalactite necklace will make a real statement. A truly enamoring stone, they are known for creating an ambiance of soothing vibrations, dispelling energy of calm in each direction. Because the points are believed to focus the energy of stone into a specific direction, a stalactite which is rimmed with points, is a great way to ensure that this energy fills you up. By absorbing negative energy, and transforming it into positive, these gemstones can calm your spirit and give you piece of mind! They also connect with the third eye and crown chakra to relieve conflicts and provide clarity.

Please note each gemstone varies in shape and size.

Limited edition gold plated vintage chain.

Genuine gemstones from Brazil.

Additional Information

+Sizing & Fit
Snowflake stalactite measures approx 50mm in diameter.