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DeepHeat Necklace

This necklace is part of the collection RE:RED. Entirely handcrafted. Limited edition.

  • Andreea Mogosanu - Moogu`s journey in the area of contemporary jewellery is a passionate and genuine research work in quest of elementary forms and esential materials. The amplitude of references, proof of her academic education at The Faculty of Decorative Arts and Design cross joyfully with the visual language efficiently practiced as an Art Director in Advertising.

    Moogu`s handmade fashion accesories don`t have a frivolous or fleeting designation, instead she uses her skills and intuition to create tridimentional marks, aestetic evidence.

    The favourite forms and materials link her to the Nordic design - through succesfull demonstrations of cold fusion betweeen geometry and organic, culture and nature - as weel as to the minimalistic exuberance of the haikus. Her collections attest, piece after piece the conclusiones of an investigation both down to earth and oneiric about the meaning of contemporaneity.

    Moogu`s jewellerys have the humanity of a multicultural jury and the rough clarity of a verdict. Elemental, obvious, therefore amazing.