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Liz Nehdi

And God Created Woman scarf

A beautiful design in indigo, lilac and fuchsia shades. Based on an original artwork by Liz Nehdi inspired by the French Riviera and South African fynbos, this generously sized scarf can be wrapped, folded and styled in a multitude of ways and is perfect on the beach or the street. The unique design puts a twist on a classic floral print. The And God Created Woman scarf is part of the Brigitte collection and pays homage to the bohemian spirit of Brigitte Bardot.

  • Liz Nehdi Studio brings a fresh voice to women’s apparel and accessories, providing current and future collectors with a way of bringing art with them on holiday, and a means of finding the joy and inspiration of travel no matter where they are.

    The Liz Nehdi brand was launched in 2015 by Liz & Karim Morgan Nehdi and aims to introduce a way of life that celebrates fun, creative expression, optimism, and the beautiful complexities of the global village in which we all live.


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