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Julia McLearon

Bluebells Hyper Green Square

Hyper Green Bluebells; a luxurious double georgette silk scarf with hyper green bluebells, daffodils and punky background inspired by Brighton graffiti.

  • The newly launched Julia McLearon label is a collection of, glamorous, edgy, contemporary designs for luxurious silk scarves, printed and manufactured in the UK. Sometimes they are a little punky, often with a gentle anarchy, the brand has an absolute commitment to excellence.

    The men or women who wear these scarves have a sense of fun and adventure, and a distinct sense of glamour and sophistication, to consciously create a life they love. Designer and founder Julia McLearon says I am inspired by most things in life, but in particular, nature, graffiti, punk and the slightly anarchic, I am excited at the prospect of the inevitable evolution of my aesthetic. I am committed to conserving a beautiful equilibrium and ecological balance on our truly extraordinary planet in the most exciting and appealing way possible"

    Although Julias background is graphics and fashion design, she doesn't have any formal training, other than pattern cutting evening classes at London College of Fashion. She goes on to say "I love the fact that as I dont have a formal education, it gives me an immense advantage, as Im not constricted by any of the inherent pre-conceptions and feel free to break the rules!