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99 Limited

iPhone 7 / 8 Plus Case in Light Brown Grained Leather

Cover your phone in style with this light brown grained leather case. 

Additional Information

Leather exterior. Soft touch lining. Plastic shell. Openings for camera and side buttons. Gold toned logo heat stamp.
Only 99 units of each colour have been produced for true exclusivity.
+Care & Maintenance
If the leather gets dirty, use a damp cloth to wipe away any dirt. Make sure

you only use water todampen the cloth. For tougher stains like pen or wine, use special leather cleansing products to prevent damaging the color and integrity of the leather. Do not use regular creams or oils as this is damaging to the leather. If the leather gets wet, let it dry at room temperature. Do not try to dry with a high heat method. This can stiffen and crinkle the leather resulting in damage to your article.

All of our products are packaged in an individual box which contains a dust bag to store the product while not being used. Since our products are all limited quantity, each item is accompanied by a certificate of authentication specifying the number of the item.
Enjoy being one of only 99.
  • We love creating accessories to carry all your life essentials, from tech cases to functional wallets. 99 Limited sets a person apart when they buy one of our products. People should feel unique and special all the time, this is why we decided to make all our models limited editions. We only make 99 units of the same item. When you buy one of 99 Limited’s products, you are one of the 99 people in the world who enjoys being truly Exclusive. That is what luxury really means; being exclusive and unique.


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