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14-Karat Blue Topaz & Peridot Earrings

Add a unique light to your look with these handcrafted peridot and blue topaz earrings. Originally specially designed for Four Seasons Hangzhou, these earrings are inspired by the hotel's greenery and the famed West Lake. Blue topaz is said to symbolise honesty and clarity of feeling, while peridots are traditionally rumoured to have healing properties and represent harmony with nature.

  • Intua is an Istanbul based fine jewelry brand. They specialize in elegant and modern designs with diamonds, gems & hand painted enamel. At Intua the goal is to create fine jewelry which connects with the soul of modern life. They favour elegant, understated designs with a distinctive flair which aim to reach women looking to subtly set themselves apart. Each piece is lovingly hand crafted with at least six individuals contributing to their production using traditional techniques. For inspiration they draw upon their mixed backgrounds, fusing the elegance of high-end British jewelry with the intricate and dazzling exoticism of Turkey. Intua products are stocked in the USA, France, China & the UK.


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