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LIA Cross cut out pattern leather bracelet.

Additional Information

Metal: eco brass, Ni free, Pb free, Gold plated.
Belt material: genuine leather.
Fastening: 2 sizes adjustable, 4 buttons.
  • LIA creates unique jewelry conceived with a very minimalistic approach using excellent materials.

    LIA is a luxury brand because we believe luxury is in the state of mind, in the purity of materials and respect for quality. Inspiration comes from common shapes that reach another dimension in LIA’s creative space.

    The name LIA comes from the Greek “Angelia” which means limitless inspiration. It is an acronym from LIQUID, INSPIRING and AUTHENTIC The strikingly seductive line aims to establish iconic statement pieces.

    LIA offers an alternative for every woman who embraces an authentic style. One of a kind bracelets, necklaces and charms are handcrafted by family owned multi-generational artisan companies after models designed by the founder of the brand.

    The entire collection features innovative design elegantly finished with shiny 24k Gold or Palladium.