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Glamour Hunter

Light Blue Stretch Denim Outlander Dress - Glamour Hunter

The light blue stretch denim of our Outlander Dress reminds us of the stunning rocky landscapes of the Scottish Highlands. The dress has a cut at the waist and the skirt covers the knee.

A contrast of textures to dress a Scottish lady.

The sleeves reach down to the elbow and have slight volume at the top. The neck of the dress has a front opening and is finished with a delicate, wavy Chantilly lace, evocative of the "ruffle" necklines of the Victorian style.

The lace also adorns the sleeves and ends the bottom of the dress. The delicacy of the French lace combines in a splendid way with the denim fabric, which together with the flower shaped Swarovski jewel buttons add distinction to the dress.

Style this dress with stiletto heels and floral jewellery for an eye-catching outfit for any special occasion.

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