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Rawson Weekend Bag

Designed to function as a travel companion, this bag is perfect for the weekend get away or carry-on

  • FABROS is a luxury accessory brand that builds on the respect for Danish design principles and combines it with Argentine leather and genuine quality of craftsmanship.

    At FABROS, the making is the product. How we produce the bags is just as important as how they look, feel and smell. To achieve the exclusive and original, we start with the best material. We only use leather made with vegetable tanning that represents unique, recognizable and natural characteristics. Each item is handcrafted in small productions run in family-owned and operated workshops, renowned and respected for their experience and dedication to quality. Only this level of craftsmanship and elegant artistry can produce items that deserve to be truly revered. Designed in Denmark and crafted from superior Argentine leather, FABROS bags are Scandinavian in mind and South American in soul. Hand-made with the craftsmanship of generations, our designs are built to last from zipper to seam.


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