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Corners Sweatshirt

This boxy sweatshirt has turnback corners on the raglan sleeves. The piece is made of felted woolen knit, very soft and almost weightless. Seam allowances are exposed on the right side and piped with elastic. The garment has raw hems.

Made to order within 10 days

  • DZHUS is a conceptual womenswear brand launched in 2010 by Ukrainian designer and stylist Irina Dzhus.

    Avant-garde yet utilitarian, DZHUS is known for innovative cut, multifunctional transformer garments and austere industrial aesthetics. Inspired by the complex structure of the ambient, Irina Dzhus generates unique experimental constructions.

    The brand’s ideology stands for consciousness and humanity. All DZHUS garments are made of cruelty-free materials.

    A DZHUS woman is an independent intellectual in search of the perfect shell for her distinctive inner world.


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