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Dasha Stravinsky


Grey Sweatshirt

  • Dasha Stravinsky is an exclusive russian fashion brand which been established in 2011 under a chief of one designer Daria Stravinsky.

    Nowadays the brand has two lines: Dasha Stravinsky (Pret-a-porte) and diffuse line /Dash. Each year the brand presents Haute Couture capsule collection Exclusive by Dasha Stravinsky.

    The young fashion designer was born in Moscow 24 years ago, she was studying in Moscow at the British Higher School or Art and Design. During her studies in Moscow, she took three times Fashion Courses in Central StMartin’s College of Fashion and then she moves to London at the University of Modern Design, having graduated from the University of Hertfordshire with the First Class Degree. After that finishes Buying & Merchandising course at London College of Fashion. On the coasts of Foggy Albion in London Underground Village her collection ‘Space Odyssey’ on the basis of new technologies, original colour palette not passed unheeded!

    Essentially many of her views Stravinsky bases on new technologies, but thus pays a tribute to classical silhouettes. Dasha claims being the same consumer of fashion as well as everybody and not trying to invent the bicycle, but modernizes it rather.