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Boky Lee

Lien Bracelet Kit

CLEAR BROWN, YELLOW GOLD, PURE TURQUOISE, DARK YELLOW, SCARLET B. Colour and material changeable.With the Lien bracelet jewellery kit, the wearer can change the colour and the material of the main body, clasps and charms depending on their taste.

  • BOKY LEE is a luxury jewellery company that focusses on combining modern and traditional techniques to produce exciting and playful jewellery pieces. BOKY LEE creates jewellery mostly inspired by architecture and structural shapes

    The current BOKY LEE collection, ‘Mirage’, is inspired by scaffolding, which consists of highly organised structural objects and their connection parts, which are used in connecting the scaffolding pipes. The founder, Bokyeong Lee, believes that the basic role of her jewellery is to temporarily support the human body and mind, in a similar way as scaffolding does for a building. One of the key elements of the Mirage collection is that it is possible for the wearer to customise the pieces, by using different combinations of colours and materials, leading to truly unique configurations.