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J Chung

Basel Flapped Dress

Regular fit.
Round neck.
Colorblocked panel in front.
Low edge finishing on panel hem line.
Colorblocked bow with all-around low edge finishing for various styling options.

Additional Information

Main fabric: Acrylic 75%
                    Polyester 25%
Second fabric: Polyester 95%
                        Polyurethanee 5%
+Sizing & Fit
Length 114
Chest 58
Sleeve 53
+Care & Maintenance
Dry Clean & Hand Washing
  • In Feb 2014, J.Chung, a Korea based womenswear brand, is launched by Jaesun Chung. J.Chung pursues an elegant but also casual wear with a sporty look as its main style. The importance point of J.Chung’s pieces can introduce details as overlapping fabrics, curved cut-outs, and asymmetry with subtle colours. Moreover, Chung tends to design her products to be worn together or separately. The target consumers of J.Chung are independent women who can create their own identities, and lead stable lives, potentially of the age group between 28 and 40. In addition to this, Chung informs that the consumers who are open-minded can easily accept and understand her design concept that combines fashion, arts, and various cultures


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